An Alternative to Traditional Braces

For a clear and convenient alternative to braces, turn to our Englewood dentist to learn more about the option of Invisalign. This is a realignment procedure through which your smile is corrected in a far less intrusive manner than traditional braces.

At Fit To Smile, we look for the best ways to enhance your smile and to provide you with exceptional dental health. Correcting crooked teeth and overbites puts your mouth into proper alignment and can also provide you with greater confidence.

Why choose Invisalign to correct your smile?

  • It can be removed unlike conventional braces
  • It’s clear so that you may hardly know it is there
  • Convenient alternative
  • Beautiful results you’ll want to show off
  • Non-intrusive
  • Easy cleaning
  • No restrictions on what you can eat

Start the transformation process with Invisalign so that you can smile confidently. To begin, contact our office at 720-279-1261 to schedule an initial consultation.