Fit to Smile Dental Plan

We know dental insurance is expensive and can be a real hassle with waiting periods and yearly maximums. The Fit to Smile Dental Plan makes dental care affordable and allows you to have the beautiful, healthy, smile you deserve!

The Fit to Smile Dental Plan is specifically designed to provide you affordability and greater access to quality dental care for you and your family.

With your Fit to Smile Dental Plan there are:

No yearly maximums

No deductible

No claim forms

No pre-authorization requirements

No pre-existing condition limitations

Same day immediate eligibility (no waiting periods)

Adult Dental Plan

Age 12 and over


Pediatric Dental Plan

Age 11 and under


*This Dental Plan starts the day you sign up and will continue to be active for 365 days.

**Patients in orthodontic care with Fit to Smile must remain a plan member for the duration of treatment to retain discounted rates.


Member Discount

Comprehensive Exam (New Patient Initial Visit) 100%
Periodic Exam (2 Per Year) 100%
Limited Oral Exam (Problem Focused 1 per year) 100%
Intraoral – Periapical (First Film) 100%
Intraoral – Periapical (Each Additional) 100%
Intraoral Occlusal Film 100%
Bitewings (1 Set Per Year) 100%
Child cleaning (2 per year $5 copay) 100%
Adult cleaning (2 per year $5 copay) 100%
Fluoride (1 per year no age limit $5 copay) 100%
Sealants 50%
Implants (Surgical and Restorative) 10%
Whitening (Take home trays) 25%
Fillings 25%
Crowns 25%
Periodontics 25%
Dentures & Partials 25%
Oral Surgery (Some limits may apply) 25%
Root Canals 25%
Orthodontic Invisalign $600 off
Athletic Guards/ Occlusal Guards 25%

Programs Guideline Exclusions and Limitations:

Patient’s portion of bill is due the day of service. NON-Refundable, no refunds or premiums will be issued at any time if participant decides to not utilize dental plan. This program is a savings plan, not a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used: in conjunction with another dental plan; services covered under workman’s compensation; for hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind; for cost of dental care which is covered under automobile medical. This plan is only honored at Fit to Smile and participating specialists.